About Us

  • Odak Composite Technologies

    We specialize on design, development and production of composite metals, hybrid parts or systems. Our main focus is to develop, optimize and integrate equipment and systems for civilian aviation and defense industries. We also aim to provide composite products and designs to our global partners.

  • Our Quality Policy

    ODAK Kompozit Teknolojileri A.S’ policy commits to provide customers with products and services which are fully compliant with AS9100 RevD (EN9100:2016), international standards, regulatory requirements, specifications and all relevant contractual, technical, commercial, safety and environmental requirements.

    All products and services are comitted to be realized in time with effective use of resources with a process-driven approach, in communication with personnel who are required to comply with the company’s quality policy at all times and to continually improve all aspects of the quality management system and to work to surpass the quality goals of the company.

    ODAK Kompozit Teknolojileri A.S commits personnel have safe, peaceful work environment and appropriate training for their duty.

  • Facilities

    Our main production facility is located in OSTIM, in the heart of one of the largest industrial production zones in Turkey. Our company cooperates with a broad network of suppliers and partners in Turkey and around the world. Our supply chain management network helps to ensure availability of raw materials, parts and other services.

  • Equipments

    CNC Processing Centers, Freezers, Ply Cutter, Clean Rooms, Pressured Moulding Press, RTM Device, Filament Winding Machine, Curing Ovens, Trimming Cabin, Paint Cabin, CMM Measuring System, NDT Test System, Central Vacuuming and Air Units



Odak Composites Inc. provides its customers with innovative and diversified solutions for modern day challenges or we can develop completely original solutions tailored to their requirements.


Working together with the customers our design team aims to understand their goals and requirements and provide a solution including performance values, budget and timeline.


After completing the design and analysis steps, a prototype gets produced and the validation and quality control procedures gets completed in our facilities.



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Kızkulesi Street No:40 Çankaya/ ANKARA
Tel / Fax
+90 312 466 19 22 / +90 312 426 85 14


Ostim OSB District 1227. Avenue Ankara/TÜRKİYE
Tel / Fax
+90 312 354 90 81 / +90 312 354 90 82

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